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Bubuface website is the main website that this blog application belongs to. This website will host other application that will let its users create thier own spaces, online shops, posts tutorials about computer programming languages, uploads videos, creates albums(space) and many others. This website is maintained by a team of IT specialists, lead by its founder Clement H. Go to bubuface main website for more details. More>>

Blog bubuface
Bubuface has decided to give users the opportunity to publish their ideas using blogging. Through blog application, you can share your ideas with other bubuface users. We all agree that exchange of knowledge is what is dring today fast evolving technologies. After adding a blog, you can invite your friends to read your blogs just by requesting 'http://blog.bubuface.com/userservice/your_username', so simple, right? you can also browser all blogs, search in existing blogs.

Bubuface's webmaster
Clement Habarurema is the founder of bubuface.com website. He has over four years professional work experience in IT industry. After completing his university studies in communication engineerings, he devoted himself to web based applications using most popular technologies and computer luanguages such as J2EE, PHP, C++, Ruby, Microsoft DirectShow, and others.... More>>